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Vehicle Presentation - Introducing the Ford LTL9000!

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American Wilds is a new DLC coming to MudRunner Fall, 2018! This large DLC will introduce brand new content to the game, including several new vehicles, two new maps and a whole new location - The United States of America!
Today, we're very excited to be talking to you about the Ford LTL9000

MudRunner - American Wilds releases on October 23rd on PC, PS4 and Xbox One, and comes to Nintendo Switch on November 27th!

Vehicle Description:
A powerful road-hauler, the Ford LTL9000 is able to move loads like no vehicle before it. If you need to get your logs somewhere, and there's a path to take it, the LTL9000 is a great truck for the job, both fast and dependable.

Game Stats:
With it's huge 330L fuel tank, and able to take 600 points of damage, the LTL9000 is a truck to be reckoned with, and more than able to hold it's own against other vehicles.

With a large add-on complement, the LTL9000 is a vehicle you'll love to use moving large loads across long drives.

A heavy vehicle, the LTL9000 struggles off-road, especially with large loads. You'll not be taking this one into the deep water.


  • Flatbed Semi-trailer: Can carry vehicles
  • Fuel cistern - Contains 1400 liters of Fuel
  • Fuel Semi-Trailer - Contains 4200 liters of Fuel
  • Fuel Trailer - Contains 1800 liters of Fuel
  • Log Carriage - Can carry Short Logs
  • Log Cart Hitch - Allows the attachment of a Long Log Cart
  • Long Log Cart - Can carry Long Logs
  • Medium Log Trailer - Can carry Medium Logs
  • Trailer Hitch - Players can attach trailers to their trucks
  • Utility Attachment - Contains 600 Repair Points, and 2 Garage Points
  • Utility Semi-Trailer - Contains 1200 Repair Points, and 4 Garage Points
  • Utility Trailer – Contains 600 Repair Points, and 2 Garage Points

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